Dog cockle (Glycymeris glycymeris)

The dog cockle or European bittersweet, Glycymeris glycymeris, is a species of marine clam, a coastal bivalve mollusc of European waters. Despite its common name, it is not closely related to the common cockle. While the English common name "dog cockle" implies an inferior food that might only be suitable for animals, this shellfish is edible and enjoyed in many European countries, although the flesh has a reputation for becoming tough if overcooked. Its name in French (amande de mer) and Spanish (almendra de mar) means "sea almond", due to its apparently sweet and almond-like flavour.

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Mahdia 175955 0; Mediterranean Sea 372 0; Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin 612 2; Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin 371 0; Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin 611 2; Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin 608 0; North Atlantic Ocean 645 2; North Atlantic Ocean 380 0; North Sea 623 2; North Sea 379 0; Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone 867 3; Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone 13952 0; Salakta 175950 0; West Africa 21602 0; Wimereux 560 0

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amande marbrée French
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almendra de mar Spanish


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