Bigeye trevally (Caranx sexfasciatus)

The bigeye trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus (also known as the bigeye jack, great trevally, six-banded trevally and dusky jack), is a species of widespread large marine fish classified in the jack family Carangidae. The bigeye trevally is distributed throughout the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, ranging from South Africa in the west to California and Ecuador in the east, including Australia to the south and Japan in the north. The bigeye trevally is best distinguished by its colouration, having a dark second dorsal fin with a white tip on the lobe, and also possessing a small dark spot on the operculum. Other more detailed anatomical features also set the species apart from other members of Caranx. The species is known to grow to a length of 120 cm and 18 kg. It is predominantly an inshore fish, inhabiting reefs down to depths of around 100 m in both coastal zones and offshore islands, often venturing into estuaries and sandy bays as juveniles. The bigeye trevally is commonly found in large slow moving schools during the day, becoming active at night when it feeds, taking a variety of fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and other invertebrates. The fish is known to move from a more crustacean dominated diet as a juvenile to a nearly completely fish dominated diet as an adult. Sexual maturity is reached at 42 cm, with spawning occurring in large aggregations occurring at different periods throughout its range, generally between July and March. The bigeye trevally is of moderate importance to fisheries throughout its range, and being of high importance to some artisanal fisheries. It is taken by gill net, purse seine, hook and line and other artisanal fishing methods. It is rated as a fair to good table fish. The species is also considered a good gamefish, taken by lure, bait and spear throughout its range.

Persebaran spesies

Indo-Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to Hawaii, north to southern Japan and the Ogasawara Islands, south to Australia and New Caledonia. Eastern Pacific: southwestern coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico and the Gulf of California to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Ref. 9283). 145957 0

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Pulas keladi Malaysia Malay (individual language)
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