Illex coindetii (Illex coindetii)

Illex coindetii, commonly known as the southern shortfin squid or broadtail shortfin squid, is a species of neritic squids in the family Ommastrephidae. They are found in the Mediterranean Sea and on both sides of the north Atlantic Ocean.

Persebaran spesies

Angola 36 1; Angola 237 0; East Atlantic 15488 0; Indian Ocean 680 2; Indian Ocean 493 0; Mediterranean Sea 372 0; Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin 612 2; Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin 371 0; Moroccan Exclusive Economic Zone 852 3; Moroccan Exclusive Economic Zone 38987 0; North Atlantic Ocean 645 2; North Atlantic Ocean 380 0; Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone 910 3; Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone 553 0

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rode pijlinktvis Dutch
broadtail shortfin squid English
southern shortfin squid English
encornet rouge French
roter Kalmar German
??????? ???????? Modern Greek (1453-)


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