Setipinna taty (Setipinna taty)

The scaly hairfin anchovy (Setipinna taty) is a species of ray-finned fish in the family Engraulidae. It is found in coastal waters and estuaries in the tropical western Indo-Pacific region.

Persebaran spesies

Indo-West Pacific: Bay of Bengal south to Penang; Thailand south to Java and southern Kalimantan, but no certain records from the Philippines, Sulawesi or Papua New Guinea. Records of this species from about Hong Kong northward refer to Setipinna tenuifilis. 151216 0

Sebutan umum dalam berbagai bahasa

Sebutan Negara Bahasa
Phasa Bangladesh Bengali
Teli phasa Bangladesh Bengali
Sardel taty Czech
Hair-fin anchovy Myanmar English
Hairfin anchovy Bangladesh English
Hairfin anchovy India English
Hairfin anchovy Malaysia English
Hairfin anchovy Viet Nam English
Scaly hairfin anchovy English
Scaly hairfin anchovy India English
Scaly hairfin anchovy Malaysia English
Soomus-harjasuim Estonia Estonian
Itohiki-Katakuchi Japan Japanese
Bersia Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Biang-biang Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Bilis Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Empirang Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Empirang kasai Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Galeberan Indonesia Malay (individual language)
Ikan bilis Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Ikan kucing Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Jelebat Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Kasai janggut Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Kuching Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Mempurong Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Mempurung Malaysia Malay (individual language)
刺仔 China Mandarin Chinese
刺仔 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
太的黃鯽 China Mandarin Chinese
太的黄鲫 China Mandarin Chinese
毛口 China Mandarin Chinese
毛口 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
油扣 China Mandarin Chinese
油扣 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
突臭仔 China Mandarin Chinese
突臭仔 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
黃鯽 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
黄鲫 China Mandarin Chinese
Paikat India Marathi
पेकात India Marathi
Stypinka Poland Polish
Dulis Philippines Tagalog
Lagunlong Philippines Tagalog
Elapoporuvaa India Tamil
Ellapporuvaa Sri Lanka Tamil
Thaadi poruva Sri Lanka Tamil
Thaadi-poruva India Tamil
எலப்பு பொருவா India Tamil
தாடி பொருவா India Tamil
தாடீ பொருவா  India Tamil
௭லப்ப பொருவா India Tamil
Kella India Telugu
కిల్ల  India Telugu
Cá lep tráng Viet Nam Vietnamese
Cá Lẹp vàng vây ngực dài Viet Nam Vietnamese
Bolinao Philippines Visayan
Dumudot Philippines Visayan


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