Dog snapper (Lutjanus jocu)

The dog snapper (Lutjanus jocu) is a species of snapper native to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a commercially important species, and is popular for display in public aquaria. It is also known as the dogtooth snapper, pargue, or snuggletooth snapper.

Persebaran spesies

Western Atlantic: Massachusetts, USA to São Paulo, Brazil (Ref. 57756), including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea (Ref. 9626). Eastern Atlantic: St. Paul's Rocks and Ascension Island (Ref. 13121), Tinhosa Grande, south of Príncipe Island (L.A. Pereira (pers. comm.). 151781 0

Sebutan umum dalam berbagai bahasa

Sebutan Negara Bahasa
Dog teeth snapper Belize Creole, English
P'tit rouget French Guiana Creole, French
Sarde dent chien French Guiana Creole, French
Hundesnapper Denmark Danish
Bastaardbaars Dutch
Dog snapper English
Dog snapper Bahamas English
Dog snapper Belize English
Dog snapper Cuba English
Dog snapper Guadeloupe English
Dog snapper Jamaica English
Dog snapper Martinique English
Dog snapper Puerto Rico English
Dog snapper United Kingdom English
Dog snapper USA English
Dog's tooth snapper English
Dog's tooth snapper Anguilla English
Dog's tooth snapper Jamaica English
Dogteeth pargue English
Dogteeth snapper English
Dogteeth snapper Jamaica English
Dogtooth pargue English
Pargue English
Snapper Jamaica English
Snuggletooth snapper English
Joku-riffahven Estonia Estonian
Carde roulesse French
Carde roulesse Haiti French
Pargue dent-chien French
Pargue dent-chien Haiti French
Sarde dent chien French Guiana French
Vivaneau chien France French
Schnapper Germany German
Snapper Germany German
Kibirefuedai Japan Japanese
白紋笛鳚 China Mandarin Chinese
白纹笛鳚 China Mandarin Chinese
Baúna Brazil Portuguese
Baúna-de-fogo Brazil Portuguese
Baúna-do-alto Brazil Portuguese
Baúna-fogo Brazil Portuguese
caranha Brazil Portuguese
Carapitanga Brazil Portuguese
Chiova Brazil Portuguese
Cioba Brazil Portuguese
Cioquira Brazil Portuguese
Dentão Brazil Portuguese
Pira-siririca Brazil Portuguese
Sioba Brazil Portuguese
Siobinha Brazil Portuguese
Siririca Brazil Portuguese
Vermelho Brazil Portuguese
Vermelho-siriúba Brazil Portuguese
луциан-собака Russia Russian
хoку Russia Russian
Jocú Cuba Spanish
Jocú Dominican Rp Spanish
Jocú USA Spanish
Jocu parra Cuba Spanish
Pargo Colombia Spanish
Pargo caballera Mexico Spanish
Pargo colorado Puerto Rico Spanish
Pargo dientón Colombia Spanish
Pargo jocú Dominican Rp Spanish
Pargo jocú Nicaragua Spanish
Pargo jocú Spain Spanish
Pargo perro Colombia Spanish
Pargo perro Venezuela Spanish
Pargo prieto Mexico Spanish
Pargo rubio Puerto Rico Spanish
Pargo sama Puerto Rico Spanish
Calipai Colombia Wayuu


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