Coral catshark (Atelomycterus marmoratus)

The coral catshark (Atelomycterus marmoratus) is a species of catshark, and part of the family Scyliorhinidae. It is common on shallow coral reefs across the Indo-West Pacific, from Pakistan to New Guinea. Reaching up to 70 cm (28 in) in length, the coral catshark has an extremely slender body, a short head and tail, and two dorsal fins that are angled backwards. It can be identified by the numerous black and white spots on its back, sides, and fins, which often merge to form horizontal bars. Furthermore, adult males have distinctively long and thin claspers. Reclusive and inactive during the day, at dusk and at night the coral catshark actively forages for small, bottom-living invertebrates and bony fishes. Its slender form allows it to access tight spaces on the reef. It is oviparous: females lay purse-shaped egg capsules two at a time on the bottom, and the young hatch after 4–6 months. This small, harmless shark adapts well to captivity and has reproduced in the aquarium; it is regarded as one of the most suitable shark species for private aquarists. The coral catshark is a minor bycatch of reef fisheries, with minimal commercial value. There is increasing fishing activity and extensive habitat degradation within its range, leading to concern over its population and its assessment as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Indo-West Pacific: Pakistan and India to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Guinea, Thailand, Viet Nam, the Philippines, southern China; north to Japan. 150155 0

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