Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is a benthopelagic fish of the family Gadidae, widely consumed by humans. It is also commercially known as cod or codling. Dry cod may be prepared as unsalted stockfish or as cured salt cod or clipfish. In the western Atlantic Ocean, cod has a distribution north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and around both coasts of Greenland and the Labrador Sea; in the eastern Atlantic, it is found from the Bay of Biscay north to the Arctic Ocean, including the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, Sea of the Hebrides, areas around Iceland and the Barents Sea. The largest individual on record was 6 feet (1.8 m) long and weighed 211 lb (96 kg), however usually the cod is between 24 inches (61 cm) and 4 feet (1.2 m) long, and weighs 88 lb (40 kg). There is generally no difference in weight or size between sexes of Atlantic Cod. Atlantic Cod can live for 25 years, and usually attain sexual maturity between ages two and four, although cod in the northeast Arctic can take as long as eight years to fully mature. Colouring is brown or green, with spots on the dorsal side, shading to silver ventrally. A stripe along its lateral line (used to detect vibrations) is clearly visible. Its habitat ranges from the shoreline down to the continental shelf. Several cod stocks collapsed in the 1990s (declined by >95% of maximum historical biomass) and have failed to recover even with the cessation of fishing. This absence of the apex predator has led to a trophic cascade in many areas. Many other cod stocks remain at risk. The Atlantic cod is labelled vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Persebaran spesies

North Atlantic and Arctic: Ungava Bay in Canada along the North American coast to Cape Hatteras; North Carolina in the western Atlantic. East and west coast of Greenland; around Iceland; from Barents Sea including the region around Bear Island along the European coast to Bay of Biscay (Ref. 88171). 145913 0

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Black codling UK Scotland
Blockie UK Scotland
Bodach rudh UK Scotland
Buoiddesguolli Norway
Coddie UK Scotland
Droud UK Scotland
Duncan UK Scotland
Hum UK Scotland
Keeling UK Scotland
Kleg UK Scotland
Poullach UK Scotland
Purr UK Scotland
Red knock UK Scotland
Scots wille UK Scotland
Shingler UK Scotland
Slinger UK Scotland
Slink UK Scotland
Sousler UK Scotland
Stock fish UK Scotland
Stuckie UK Scotland
Tararunuk Norway
Vuotnaguolli Norway
Wairey codling UK Scotland
bakaljar Bosnian
Bacallà Spain Catalan
bakajar Croatia Croatian
Bakalar Croatia Croatian
bakaljar Croatia Croatian
štokfiš Croatia Croatian
Almindelig torsk Denmark Danish
Atlantisk Torsk Denmark Danish
Fiskeboller Denmark Danish
Gaspévirket klipfisk Denmark Danish
Hvidvirket klipfisk Denmark Danish
Klipfisk Denmark Danish
Saltfisk Denmark Danish
Stokfisk Denmark Danish
Torsk Denmark Danish
Geweekte stokvis Netherlands Dutch
Kabeljauw Netherlands Dutch
Klipvis Netherlands Dutch
Labberdaan Netherlands Dutch
Stokvis Netherlands Dutch
Visballen Netherlands Dutch
Visballetjes Netherlands Dutch
Zoutevis Netherlands Dutch
Atlantic cod Australia English
Atlantic cod Canada English
Atlantic cod Russia English
Atlantic cod United Kingdom English
Atlantic cod USA English
Bacalao Canada English
Bacaleau Canada English
Baccalao Canada English
Baccale Canada English
Baccalo Canada English
Bank cod Canada English
Bank fish Canada English
Bastard Canada English
Berry fish Canada English
Bim fish Canada English
BlackBerry fish Canada English
Brazil fish Canada English
Breeder Canada English
Broken fish Canada English
Bull dog Canada English
Christmas fish Canada English
Cod Canada English
Cod Estonia English
Cod Ireland English
Cod Isle of Man English
Cod USA English
Cod-fish Canada English
Codd Canada English
Codde Canada English
Codfish brick USA English
Codling United Kingdom English
Core fish Canada English
Corre fish Canada English
Cut-tail Canada English
Dry fish Canada English
Duffy Canada English
Dum fish Canada English
Dumb fish Canada English
Dun fish Canada English
Eating fish Canada English
Fall cure Canada English
Fall fish Canada English
Fish Canada English
Fish ball United Kingdom English
Fish dumpling United Kingdom English
Floater fish Canada English
Floaters fish Canada English
Foots United Kingdom English
Foxy tom-cod Canada English
Full cured fish United Kingdom English
Full pickle fish United Kingdom English
Gaspé cure Canada English
Green fish Canada English
Grog fish Canada English
Haberdine United Kingdom English
Half-saved Canada English
Harbour tom-cod Canada English
Hard cure United Kingdom English
Hard-dry Canada English
Heavy fish Canada English
Heavy salt Canada English
Heavy salted Canada English
Hen Canada English
Inshore cod Canada English
Italian Canada English
Jersey fish Canada English
Jigger fish Canada English
Kil'din cod USA English
Klipfish United Kingdom English
Klippfish United Kingdom English
Labrador cure Canada English
Labrador fish Canada English
Lady day fish Canada English
Laggy Canada English
Lap tail Canada English
Leggy Canada English
Loader Canada English
Logy fish Canada English
Madeira Canada English
Merchantable Canada English
Mother fish Canada English
Mud fish Canada English
Newfoundland fish Canada English
Northern cod Canada English
Old soaker Canada English
Pea Canada English
Pink fish Canada English
Poor john Canada English
Puerto rico fish Canada English
Red-cod Canada English
Refuse fish Canada English
Rounder Canada English
Salt fish Canada English
Salt-bulk Canada English
Saltfish United Kingdom English
Schrod Canada English
Scrad Canada English
Scraud Canada English
Scrawd Canada English
Screwed fish Canada English
Scrod Canada English
Seal-head cod Canada English
Semi-dry Canada English
Shoal cod Canada English
Shoal fish Canada English
Shore cod Canada English
Shore fish Canada English
Shore labrador Canada English
Slop Canada English
Snig Canada English
Snub Canada English
Snubby Canada English
Soaker Canada English
Soft cure Canada English
Soft cured Canada English
Spanish fish Canada English
Split Canada English
Stockfish United Kingdom English
Straits fish Canada English
Strip USA English
Summer cod-fish Canada English
Summer fish Canada English
Swallow Canada English
Swallow tail Canada English
Tally fish Canada English
Thirds Canada English
Tom-cod Canada English
Trap cod Canada English
Trap fish Canada English
West india Canada English
West indian Canada English
Winter fish Canada English
Atlandi tursk Estonia Estonian
tursk Estonia Estonian
Bankfiskur Faroese
Berggylta Faroese
Blankur fiskur Faroese
Bollingur Faroese
Brondingur Faroese
Bøllingur Faroese
Fellistoskur Faroese
Fiskur Faroese
Flakningur Faroese
Gloypingur Faroese
Gráur fiskur Faroese
Grunnafiskur Faroese
Grunningur Faroese
Havtoskur Faroese
Heystfiskur Faroese
Hvítur fiskur Faroese
Landfiskur Faroese
Landskránur Faroese
Lutningur Faroese
Miðafiskur Faroese
Nabbafiskur Faroese
Raktoskur Faroese
Reyðbelta Faroese
Reyðfiskur Faroese
Sildafiskur Faroese
Skránur Faroese
Slánur Faroese
Smáfiskur Faroese
Stútingur Faroese
Summarfiskur Faroese
Tertlingur Faroese
Torrafiskur Faroese
Toskur Faroese
Tysklingur Faroese
Várfiskur Faroese
itämeren turska Finland Finnish
Kalapulla Finland Finnish
Kalliokala Finland Finnish
Lipeäkala Finland Finnish
Turska Finland Finnish
Brandade France French
Cabillaud France French
Morue France French
Morue commune France French
Morue de l'Atlantique France French
Morue franche Canada French
Morue franche France French
An trosc Ireland Gaelic, Irish
Brisoletten Germany German
Cod Germany German
Dorsch Germany German
Fischfrikadellen Germany German
Fischklops Germany German
Fischkloss Germany German
Hartsalzung Germany German
Kabeljau Germany German
Klippfisch Germany German
Laberdan Germany German
Ostseedorsch Germany German
Salzfisch Germany German
Stockfisch Germany German
Stückenfisch Germany German
Saarullik Greenland Greenlandic
Fiskibollur Iceland Icelandic
Lutfiskur Iceland Icelandic
Þorskur Iceland Icelandic
Kabliau Greenland Inuktitut
Ogac Canada Inuktitut
Ovak Canada Inuktitut
Saraudlik Greenland Inuktitut
Saraudlirksoak Greenland Inuktitut
Sârugdligaraq Greenland Inuktitut
Sârugdlik Greenland Inuktitut
Sâugdlik Greenland Inuktitut
Ugak Canada Inuktitut
Uugak Canada Inuktitut
Baccalà bianco portoghese Italy Italian
Baccalà portoghese giallo Italy Italian
Baccalà san Giovanni Italy Italian
Merluzzo bianco Italy Italian
Merluzzo nordico Italy Italian
Pesce lesso in pallette Italy Italian
Stoccafisso Italy Italian
Gyodan Japan Japanese
Kanyu no niziru Japan Japanese
Madara Japan Japanese
Tara Japan Japanese
Uo-dango Japan Japanese
Uo-miso Japan Japanese
Baltijas menca Latvia Latvian
Menca Latvia Latvian
Baltijos mence Lithuania Lithuanian
大西洋鱈 China Mandarin Chinese
大西洋鳕 Mandarin Chinese
大西洋鳕 China Mandarin Chinese
Boiddagh Isle of Man Manx
Bakaliáros Greece Modern Greek (1453-)
Gados Greece Modern Greek (1453-)
Bernfisk Norway Norwegian
Fot Norway Norwegian
Klippfisk Norway Norwegian
Lutefisk Norway Norwegian
Skrei Norway Norwegian
Stokkfisk Norway Norwegian
Torsk Norway Norwegian
Dorsz a. watlusz Poland Polish
Dorsz atlantycki Poland Polish
Dorsz bałtycki Poland Polish
Dorsz kildynski Poland Polish
Pomuchel Poland Polish
Watlusz Poland Polish
Wątłusz Poland Polish
Almôndega de peixe Portugal Portuguese
Amarelo cure Portugal Portuguese
Bacalhau Portugal Portuguese
Bacalhau-do-Atlântico Portugal Portuguese
Branco cure Portugal Portuguese
Cura branca Portugal Portuguese
Cura do gaspé Portugal Portuguese
Sweikis Germany Prussian, Old
Cod Romania Romanian
Atlanticheskaya treska Russia Russian
Pertuy Russia Russian
Treska Russia Russian
треска Russia Russian
Треска атлантическая Russian
bakal Serbia and Montenegro Serbian
bakalaj Serbia and Montenegro Serbian
Bakalar Serbia and Montenegro Serbian
bakaljar Serbia and Montenegro Serbian
Ugotica Serbia and Montenegro Serbian
Albondiga de pescado Spain Spanish
Bacalao Spain Spanish
Bacalao del Atlántico Spain Spanish
Bacalao salado amarillo Spain Spanish
Fiskbullar Sweden Swedish
Lutfisk Sweden Swedish
Torrfisk Sweden Swedish
Torsk Sweden Swedish
Balik köftesi Turkey Turkish
Codyn UK Engld Wal Welsh
Penfras UK Engld Wal Welsh


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