Brownbanded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum)

The brownbanded bamboo shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum, is a bamboo shark in the family Hemiscylliidae found in the Indo-West Pacific from Japan to northern Australia, between latitudes 34° N and 26° S, to depths of 85 metres (279 ft). Its length is up to 1.04 metres (41 in). While adults are overall brownish with faint suggestions of bands, the commonly seen juveniles are distinctly barred dark and pale. Classified as Near Threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red List Its minimum population doubling is 4.5–14 years range. The major threats to these sharks are the loss of their habitat, pollution, and hunting (both for aquarium trade as well as food). Reproduction is oviparous. It is regularly bred in public aquaria, and is arguably the shark most suited to aquaria

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Indo-West Pacific: Andaman Island and India east to Philippines, north to Japan and south to Australia. 131500 0

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Sebutan Negara Bahasa
قِرش-قُدّ خيزُران Arabic
Brown-banded catshark Indonesia Bali
Hiu batu Indonesia Bali
Hiu bongo Indonesia Bali
Hiu gedok Indonesia Bali
Žralok bambusový hnědopásý Czech
Brunbåndet bambushaj Denmark Danish
Bruinegebande bamboehaai Netherlands Dutch
Brown spotted cat shark Indonesia English
Brown-banded bamboo shark Australia English
Brown-banded catshark Australia English
Brown-banded catshark Cambodia English
Brown-banded catshark Malaysia English
Brown-banded catshark Papua New Guinea English
Brown-spotted bambooshark Malaysia English
Brown-spotted catshark Australia English
Brown-spotted catshark Malaysia English
Brownbanded bambooshark English
Brownbanded bambooshark Malaysia English
Brownbanded bambooshark Micronesia English
Grey carpet shark Australia English
Grey carpet shark Malaysia English
Grey carpetshark Australia English
Spotted catshark Australia English
Spotted catshark Malaysia English
Hall bambushai Estonia Estonian
Pruunivöödiline bambushai Estonia Estonian
Requin-chabot bambou French
Inu zame Japan Japanese
Inuzame Japan Japanese
Cucut dolok Indonesia Javanese
Chkuot Cambodia Khmer
Chlarm Cambodia Khmer
Mangiwang peke Indonesia Makassarese
Hiu bodoh Indonesia Malay (individual language)
Kau suar Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Mungsing hiu Indonesia Malay (individual language)
Yu bodoh Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Yu cicak Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Yu punai Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Yu tokeh Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Yu toleh Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Yu-cicak insang putih Malaysia Malay (individual language)
沙条 China Mandarin Chinese
沙條 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
点纹斑竹鲨 Mandarin Chinese
点纹斑竹鲨 China Mandarin Chinese
狗沙 China Mandarin Chinese
狗沙 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
狗鮫 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
狗鲛 China Mandarin Chinese
點紋斑竹鯊 China Mandarin Chinese
Gorbeh-kooseh-e-lakkedar Iran Persian
Bamboa estriada Spanish
Pating Philippines Tagalog
Chalarm Gob Thailand Thai
Cá Nhám trúc vằn Viet Nam Vietnamese


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