Broadmouth catshark (Apristurus macrostomus)

The broadmouth catshark (Apristurus macrostomus) is a rare catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae, the holotype and only specimen of which was taken from off Zhujiang in the South China Sea, at a depth of 913 m. Its length is around 38 cm. The broadmouth catshark's reproduction is oviparous. Considering the species is not well known, the threats are not known either but may be deepwater fisheries.

Persebaran spesies

Northwest Pacific: off Zhujiang, South China Sea (Ref. 26282). Presence in the Western Central Pacific is uncertain (Ref. 11146). 46055 0

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Breedbekkathaai Netherlands Dutch
Broadmouth cat shark South Africa English
Laisuu-musthai Estonia Estonian
大口光尾鯊 China Mandarin Chinese
大口光尾鲨 China Mandarin Chinese


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