Bluegrey carpetshark (Brachaelurus colcloughi)

The bluegrey carpetshark or Colclough's shark (Brachaelurus colcloughi) is an uncommon species of carpet shark endemic to shallow inshore waters off northeastern Australia. It is one of the two extant members of the family Brachaeluridae. The bluegrey carpetshark has a stocky body with a wide, slightly flattened head, dorsally placed eyes, and a pair of long barbels with posterior skin flaps. It has large pectoral fins, two dorsal fins of unequal size placed far back on the body, and a sizable space between the anal fin and the base of the caudal fin. Growing to 76 cm (30 in) long, this species has a black-and-white color pattern as a juvenile, which largely fades with age such as that adults are brownish. When removed from the water, the bluegrey carpetshark will close its eyes like the related blind shark (Brachaelurus waddi). It feeds on benthic invertebrates and bony fishes, and is aplacental viviparous with females bearing litters of 6–7 pups. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed this species as Vulnerable, given its rarity and restricted occurrence in heavily utilized waters. It is taken in small numbers by commercial and recreational fisheries, and for the aquarium trade.

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Southwest Pacific: endemic to Australia. 24919 0

Nama latin dalam sebutan lain (Sinonim)

Heteroscyllium colcloughi (Ogilby, 1908)

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Sebutan Negara Bahasa
Hidi Oman Arabic
Kasarmala Oman Arabic
قِرش أعمى رمادي- أزرق Arabic
Blågrå tæppehaj Denmark Danish
Blauwgrijze blinde haai Netherlands Dutch
Blue-gray carpet shark South Africa English
Blue-grey cat shark Australia English
Bluegray carpetshark English
Bluegrey carpetshark Australia English
Bluegrey shark Australia English
Colclough's shark Australia English
Colcloughs shark Australia English
Southern blind shark Australia English
Sinihall poisurhai Estonia Estonian
Requin aveugle gris-bleu French
科氏异须鲨 Mandarin Chinese
科氏异须鲨 China Mandarin Chinese
科氏異鬚鯊 China Mandarin Chinese
科氏長鬚鯊 China Mandarin Chinese
科氏长须鲨 China Mandarin Chinese
Tiburón ciego gris Spanish


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