Mottled eel (Anguilla nebulosa)

The mottled eel (Anguilla nebulosa), also known as the African mottled eel, the Indian longfin eel, the Indian mottled eel, the long-finned eel or the river eel, is a demersal, catadromous eel in the family Anguillidae. It was described by John McClelland in 1844. It is a tropical, freshwater eel which is known from East Africa, Bangladesh, Andaman Islands, Mozambique, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and Indonesia and recently from Madagascar. The eels spend most of their lives in freshwater at a depth range of 3–10 metres, but migrate to the Indian Ocean to breed. Males can reach a maximum total length of 121 centimetres and a maximum weight of 7,000 grams. The eels feed primarily off of benthic crustaceans, mollusks, finfish and worms. Due to its wide distribution, the Mottled eel is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Redlist. Although the eels are too large for use in aquariums, they are commercial in subsistence fisheries. The exact classification of the species was a debate in recent times, where some major fish websites (ex. Fish Base) classified the species under the name A. nebulosa. But according to the IUCN Red List 2015 version, the fish species should be classified as A. bengalensis with some subspecies.

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Indian Ocean: East Africa to Sumatra, Indonesia. 129379 0

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Úhoř indooceánský Czech
Marmoreret ål Denmark Danish
African mottled eel USA English
Indian longfin eel USA English
Indian mottled eel English
Long finned eel Sri Lanka English
Long-finned eel United Kingdom English
Long-finned eel USA English
Mottled eel English
Mottled eel Malaysia English
Mottled eel USA English
River eel Malaysia English
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Belut Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Belut kelabu Malaysia Malay (individual language)
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Tuna Malaysia Malay (individual language)
云纹鳗鲡 China Mandarin Chinese
疏斑鰻鱺 China Mandarin Chinese
疏斑鳗鲡 China Mandarin Chinese
雲紋鰻鱺 China Mandarin Chinese
Nkunga Malawi Nyanja
Pol mal aandha Sri Lanka Sinhalese
Nkhunga Malawi Tumbuka


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