Titan triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)

The titan triggerfish, giant triggerfish or moustache triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) is a large species of triggerfish found in lagoons and at reefs to depths of 50 m (160 ft) in most of the Indo-Pacific, though it is absent from Hawaii. With a length of up to 75 centimetres (30 in), it is the largest species of triggerfish in its range (the stone triggerfish, Pseudobalistes naufragium, from the east Pacific is larger).

Persebaran spesies

Indo-Pacific: Red Sea south to Delagoa Bay, Mozambique (Ref. 4420) and east to the Line and Tuamoto islands, north to southern Japan, south to New Caledonia. 148495 0

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Ampala biasa Indonesia
Komparu watu Indonesia
Gomamongara Indonesia Aceh
Hahu Indonesia Aceh
Lubiem Indonesia Aceh
Lubien manok Indonesia Aceh
Gestippelde snellervis South Africa Afrikaans
Liuwesho Micronesia Carolinian
Pakol Philippines Cebuano
Pugot Philippines Cebuano
Chebeja Comoros Comorian
N'tundu Comoros Comorian
Tchebeja Comoros Comorian
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Titanaftrækkerfisk Denmark Danish
Pakol Philippines Davawenyo
Pugot Philippines Davawenyo
Blue finned triggerfish Mauritius English
Blue-finned triggerfish Indonesia English
Blue-finned triggerfish Papua New Guinea English
Bluefin triggerfish Sri Lanka English
Dotty triggerfish Malaysia English
Dotty triggerfish Philippines English
Dotty triggerfish South Africa English
Dotty triggerfish United Kingdom English
Moustache triggerfish Niue English
Mustache triggerfish Guam English
Mustache triggerfish Micronesia English
Titan triggerfish English
Titan triggerfish Australia English
Titan triggerfish Christmas I. English
Titan triggerfish Guam English
Titan triggerfish Indonesia English
Titan triggerfish Malaysia English
Titan triggerfish Micronesia English
Titan triggerfish Singapore English
Triggerfish Fiji English
Triggerfish Tonga English
Hiid-balistoid Estonia Estonian
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cumu Fiji Fijian
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Baliste olivâtre French
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Ampapakul Philippines Ilokano
Hahu Philippines Ivatan
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Te nuonuo Kiribati Kiribati
Phwa New Caledonia Kumak
Papakol Philippines Kuyunon
Ayam laut Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Jebong Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Jebong titan Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Palli India Malayalam
പല്ലി India Malayalam
Rondu India Maldivian
剝皮魚 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
剥皮鱼 China Mandarin Chinese
斑点炮弹 China Mandarin Chinese
斑點砲彈 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
綠副鱗魨 China Mandarin Chinese
綠擬鱗魨 China Mandarin Chinese
綠鱗魨 China Mandarin Chinese
绿副鳞鲀 China Mandarin Chinese
绿拟鳞鲀 China Mandarin Chinese
绿鳞鲀 China Mandarin Chinese
褐拟鳞鲀 China Mandarin Chinese
褐擬鱗魨 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
Puggot Philippines Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug
Liele Marshallese
Kaisep Papua New Guinea Misima-Paneati
Cëmô New Caledonia Numee
Cimôô New Caledonia Numee
Beab Palau Palauan
Dukl Palau Palauan
Porco ponteado Mozambique Portuguese
Sumu-laulau Samoa Samoan
Umu Samoa Samoan
Bluefinned triggerfish Papua New Guinea Spanish
Pugot Philippines Surigaonon
Sangkay Philippines Surigaonon
Pakoy Philippines Tagalog
Papakol Philippines Tagalog
Pugot Philippines Tagalog
Kapuul Philippines Tagbanwa Calamian
'O'iri 'utaro Tahiti Tahitian
Umu Tokelau Tokelauan
Hūmu Tonga Tongan
Te umufatu Kiribati Tuvaluan
Ampapagot Philippines Visayan
Pakol Philippines Waray (Philippines)


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