Sixbar angelfish (Pomacanthus sexstriatus)

The sixbar angelfish (Pomacanthus sexstriatus), also known as the six banded angelfish, is a marine angelfish, with an easily recognisable yellow body with black vertical stripes (usually six on each side, hence 'sixbar'), one white vertical stripe on each side of its black head, fluorescent blue spots on the body, fins and tail and fluorescent blue lines on the top and bottom fin and tail. They are common in South Pacific reefs, most commonly the Great Barrier Reef of Australia's north-east coast. The sixbar angelfish can grow to a maximum size of 46 cm in the ocean, though only around 30 cm in captivity. Despite being very sought after by many aquarists, the sixbar angelfish is very difficult to care for. The sixbar angelfish is an omnivore, eating sponges, corals and algae, and is also known to eat other fishes' eggs.

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Indo-Pacific: Ryukyu Islands to Malaysia and Indonesia to Solomon Islands, south to Australia. 148272 0

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Seksbåndet kejserfisk Denmark Danish
Angelfish Malaysia English
Bluestone kambingan Indonesia English
Six barred angel Indonesia English
Six-banded angelfish Australia English
Six-banded angelfish Guam English
Six-banded angelfish Indonesia English
Six-banded angelfish Malaysia English
Six-banded angelfish Micronesia English
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Sixbar angelfish Malaysia English
Sixbar angelfish Philippines English
Sixbar angelfish USA English
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Poisson ange New Caledonia French
Poisson-ange à six bandes France French
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Rokusen-yakko Japan Japanese
Kaat New Caledonia Kumak
Ayam hutan Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Ikan babi Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Inggu Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Ketang Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Taring pelandok Malaysia Malay (individual language)
Taring-pelanduk belang enam Malaysia Malay (individual language)
六带刺盖鱼 China Mandarin Chinese
六带剑盖鱼 China Mandarin Chinese
六带盖刺鱼 China Mandarin Chinese
六带神仙 China Mandarin Chinese
六帶刺蓋魚 China Mandarin Chinese
六帶劍蓋魚 China Mandarin Chinese
六帶神仙 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
六帶蓋刺魚 Taiwan Mandarin Chinese
Cher Palau Palauan
Alibang-bang Philippines Surigaonon
Badiangon Philippines Surigaonon
Bagjangon Philippines Surigaonon
Baro-baro Philippines Tagalog
Paro-paro Philippines Tagalog
Paru-parang dagat Philippines Tagalog
Paru-parung dagat Philippines Tagalog
Balukbuk Philippines Tagbanwa Calamian
Baban Tokelau Tokelauan
Alibangbang Philippines Visayan
Boray boray Philippines Visayan
Tapay tapay Philippines Visayan


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