Allium commutatum (Allium commutatum)

Allium commutatum is a species of Mediterranean onions in the amaryllis family. Its native range extends from Corsica and Algeria to Turkey. Allium commutatum usually grows on rocky slopes overlooking the Mediterranean. Bulbs are resistant to salt and float, so they are very often dispersed by storms. Leaves wither and die before flowing time, when a tall scape appears bearing a large spherical umbel of purple flowers.

Persebaran spesies

AGE 724 0; AGW 962 0; ALG 1406 0; COR 1309 0; EAI 1359 0; GRC 433 0; ITA 1268 0; KRI 6020 0; SAR 1100 0; SIC 1310 0; TUN 1415 0; TUR 403 0; YUG 1141 0


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