African sawtail catshark (Galeus polli)

The African sawtail catshark (Galeus polli) is a species of catshark, part of the family Scyliorhinidae. Demersal in nature, it is found at depths of 160–720 m (520–2,360 ft) off the western African coast from Morocco to South Africa. This slender species has a rather long, pointed snout, a series of dark saddles along the back and tail, and a prominent crest of enlarged dermal denticles along the upper edge of the caudal fin. Its maximum known length is 46 cm (18 in). The diet of the African sawtail catshark consists of small bony fishes, squid, and crustaceans. It is the only member of its genus known to be aplacental viviparous; reproduction proceeds year-round, with females bear litters of up to 12 pups. In relatively shallower waters, this shark is caught incidentally and utilized for meat or fishmeal. The fisheries off Namibia, where it is most abundant, are well-managed and do not threaten its population. Given also that sharks in deeper waters are not significantly fished, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed this species as Least Concern.

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Eastern Atlantic: southern Morocco to Namibia. 145904 0

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Pristiurus polli (Cadenat, 1959)

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قِرش قِطّ مِنشار إفريقي Arabic
Afrikaanse zaagstaartkathaai Netherlands Dutch
African sawtail cat shark South Africa English
African sawtail catshark English
Aafrika saagsabahai Estonia Estonian
Chien espagnol Mauritania French
Chien râpe French
西非鋸尾鯊 China Mandarin Chinese
西非锯尾鲨 Mandarin Chinese
西非锯尾鲨 China Mandarin Chinese
Golayo Mauritania Spanish
Pintarroja africana Spanish


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